What Does A Bat Bite Look Like?


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Marta Catalano answered

A typical bat bite looks like this:

People who were bitten said that it feels like a sharp needle jab. Therefore you can always notice it and feel it, although in some cases a bat bite can remain superficial. However,  it is important to treat bat bites  because they can be really dangerous as bats can carry diseases like rabies which could be transmitted to humans.

So, the best way to treat a bat bite would be to try to stop the bleeding, clean the wound and visit your doctor immediately in order to avoid any inconvenience, even if you think that the bat might not have rabies. Hope this helps!

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Andy Romsley answered

Brown bats may have sharp teeth, but their bites are not often that visible to the human eye, because their teeth are too small to make a noticeable mark. When a mark does show up on the skin, it looks like a tiny pin prick, whether the skin is scratched or punctured.

A bat biting a human is very rare and would only occur if they feel threatened or if you try to pick them up when they are injured, so there is not much to worry about. If you happen to work with bats, then it is advisable to wear thick gloves and clothing just in case.

If you are into exploring caves then larger bats may be found which give a more serious bite.

Anyone bitten by a bat should go and see a doctor who will decide if a vaccination is required.

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