Is A Bat Considered "Vermin"?


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The best way to find out is to ask the insurance agent.

Definition from Miriam Webster:
1 a: small common harmful or objectionable animals (as lice or fleas) that are difficult to control b: birds and mammals that prey on game c: animals that at a particular time and place compete (as for food) with humans or domestic animals2: an offensive person

Bats aren't technically vermin.  They are beneficial to humans.  They are a nuisance if they are living in your house.  They might fit into some other class of hazard in an insurance contract.  It is concievable that if someone knew of bats in a house and did nothing, they would be negligent.  An insurance company might reimburse a client if they had to deal with bats. There are ways to remove them, exclude them, and clean up after them - or - there are professionals that can be hired to do it.
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The insurance agent excluded from coverage the $7,500 it cost me to get rid of them in my house under a clause which excludes loss due to "birds, vermin, rodents, insects or domestic animals." (We had the problem rectified immediately.)

They are not "rodents" by genus classification. So I was hoping to find some proof that they technically are not vermin either. Then, they would have to cover my claim (they certainly are not birds or insects). Thoughts anyone?

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