What Are Different Types Of Eye Infections A Dog Can Get?


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Dogs can have eye infection just like humans. Infections can take place because of dust and impurities in the air. So it is good to regularly clean the dog's eye and if the infection is still there then contact your veterinarian. He will suggest an eye drops to help clear up the problem.
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You could check out, and see what you come up with. But really, I think you should call a veterinarian and talk to them. They could more than likely tell you what kind it might be, and what you might be able to do for it at home. Hope this helps, good luck.
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If one finds that their dog's eyes are squinting, hazy, blinking, uneven in pupil size or tearing then they should take their dog to veterinary doctor. Many dog eye conditions are very serious and some of the common problems are as follows:

• Conjunctivitis is a swelling of the covering that outlines of the eyelids. The signs of this infection are squinting, redness of the lining and discharging of fluids.

• KCS (Keratoconjunctivitis sica) is a condition where tear making is reduced and the external surface of the eye become dry. When eye become dry then it can catch infection in no time.

• Some dogs suffer from entropion infection in which the eyelids turn / go inward and cornea is rubbed by the eyelashes. For this surgery is use to make eyelids look ok.

• Some dogs have cherry eye which is an inflammation of the third eyelid. In the corner of dog's eye a bright red swelling will emerge. Surgery is used to correct this.

• Some dogs are genetically prone to cataracts. In cataract the pupils turns white and can also affect the eyesight and cause blindness. For this surgery is used to repair dog's sight.

• Glaucoma, causes a fluid increase which cause high eye pressure. This can direct to incomplete / half or complete loss of sight. Medication or laser surgeries are used to cure this disease.

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