What Is Mange?


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Mange is a disease produced by a mite in which body itches and thus causes hair loss particularly near the face. For more detail please click here.
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Mange is a skin disease that is caused by a mite that burrows beneath the skin of mammals and is relatively common.  Companion animals are not immune to mange and many humans are familiar with the disease because of their cats or dogs having become infected.  There are a number of mites that cause mange, none of which can be seen with the human eye.  The effects of the mites’ burrowing into the skin, however, are easy to spot and range in severity.

Notoedric mange is a scaly skin disease that usually shows first on the ears but will spread to the rest of the face and body if it is left untreated.  This particular mange can be passed between dogs, cats, rabbits, and humans. 

Sarcoptic mange is an extremely itchy skin disease that is common in dogs and is therefore often referred to as canine scabies.  This kind of mange will usually attack areas without hair such as the elbows and abdomen.  It can spread to cats and humans but most often will not have a lasting effect as the mites tend not to survive for long in such cases.

Demodectic mange is also very itchy.  The mites that cause this type of mange will actually live in hair follicles and the disease can spread to the entire body.  This is difficult to cure, but if treatment is commenced early it is usually successful.

Most types of mange in pets can be successfully dealt with if diagnosed early.  Veterinarians can diagnose mange simply with a skin scrape that is then analysed under a microscope.  Because mange mites burrow beneath the skin, the scraping will not include actual mites so the sample taken is inspected simply for symptoms of the disease.  Treatment will usually involve tablets, medicated shampoos, baths, or dips, and sometimes injections.  If the case is severe, animals may be quarantined to minimize the possibility of transmission and will occasionally have to have all their hair removed.
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Mange is a skin disease that is common in dogs but certainly all mammals can get it. The most common side affect of this is lose of hair. Hope this helps
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Mange is normally a type of hair and skin disease.  You find it a lot on dogs in rural unikeep areas. 

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