Going To Pick Up My Min Pin Puppy Saturday, Do You Have Any Possible Ideas For A Name?


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paul williams answered
Since he is going to be so big how about zeus. Or bubba.lol. You can try www.petplace.com and click on dogs and then names and it gives you endless names from a-z. Good luck pick a good one.
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moodie madd answered
French names are kinda fun for little digs like Pierre(pee-air). Maybe for a girl Tina! Just a thought!!!
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Anonymous commented
May I add my Twopennyworth? "MISTY" is quite O.K. for female or male,and I DO like "MINTO"Best wishes to you and your 4 legged friend! A Pal for Life!
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I think killer is great!!! And then he should be sporting the whole spike collar !!!! Oh how that would be just so ironic
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Deisel, pudge, rocky, bryant, marley
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Min pins are not related to dobermans.  It is a myth

  • tuffy

  • minscer

  • misery, miz 4 short

  • rox

  • billy bad as s

  • thunder

  • thor

  • zeus

  • bitz

  • fangs

  • dobey grey dobey 4 short (min pin's are related to doberman's)

  • bubba

  • think of your favorite band or song...

  • zeppelin zep 4 short

  • kashmere (zep tune)

  • hitler?

♥that was fun, thanks for allowing me to participate!♥
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Denise Knutter
Denise Knutter commented
Ha Ha, love Hitler since it's a german breed and so is my last name. love all your idea's but didn't read them till after Win the Min Pin got named, but you got a 5 star rating from me anyway, hug & kisses, Sis!
Aleisha Amohia
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hey that's a lot of ideas, good work
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Loki - norse god of mischief (I was going to call mine that and probably will call my next one it )

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