What If A Dog Punctures A Albuterol Inhaler?


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Albuterol inhaler if punctured by dogs teeth can cause toxic reactions. Symptoms like increased heart rate, depression, vomiting, muscle tremors etc can appear.  For details,  visit Albuterol toxicity.
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Hello there. I would watch your pup to make sure that he/she only punctured the inhaler and did not ingest any of the medication. I have asthma and I know that if I take more than 2 puffs of my inhaler, my heart starts to race, I start getting restless, and my blood pressure goes up. I know that an overdose of Albuterol can be deadly. Perhaps your pooch only punctured the can and did not ingest it. If you feel that he has, or anything just does not seem right, you can call Animal Poison Control at (888) 426-4435. I hope that this has helped you!! Have a Happy, Healthy, and Blessed 2009!! And please let me know how your puppy is!!
Jennifer - Veterinary Technician, Certified ACO

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