How Can You Tell If It Is A Tick Bite Or A Spider?


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Many tick bites are falsely diagnosed as spider bites and that’s why the first thing that should be mentioned is that, no matter what animal you believe inflicted the bite, consult your doctor immediately. Tick bites have what is known as a ‘Bulls eye’ formation, which will show a red patch and redness or a rash surrounding it. Often a tick’s head is left in the skin after a bite as well, so there may be a black spot visible at the centre of the ‘bulls eye’. The ‘bulls eye’ formation is usually between one and three inches wide Spider bites on the other hand, tend to show signs of swelling and have pustules.

Many ordinary people mistake tick bites for spider bites and that is why it’s important to always consult a doctor when bitten. Tick bites can also result in Lyme disease. The first symptoms of Lyme Disease resemble a bad cold or the flu and include: Getting chills, showing a fever or appearing feverish, having a headache, feelings of lethargy and experiencing muscular pain. During the later stages of Lyme disease other symptoms will become visible. These include: Feelings of itchiness over the entire body, inflammation or swelling of the joints (for example knee, elbow, hip or shoulder), having a stiff neck and displaying strange or unusual behaviour. Advanced Lyme disease can cause joint, brain, or heart problems. Advanced Lyme disease can cause numbness, facial paralysis and many other problems however if the condition is caught in the early stages then it can be treated by a course of antibiotics.

To conclude, it is very important to visit your doctor if you feel you have been bitten by either a spider or a tick as either can be dangerous. However, the differences outlined above should you help you in the stages of differentiation before visiting the doctor or healthcare professional who will be able to give you the relevant tests.
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It is very difficult to differentiate a spider bite and tick bite for a layman. It is the doctor who can do. The bullseye rash has redness while the spider bites show swelling and pustules. Further investigations are required in lab for the diagnosis of Lyme disease. I am giving you a link with picture of tick bite. Please visitDifference between tick bite and spider bite.
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Also, most but not all tick bites end up with the ticks head becoming detached so it could have black spot near the middle of bite. if so let a doctor remove it.

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