Dog Has Large Painful Growth In Foot Pad Looks Almost Like An Extra Pad Or Huge Blood Gorged Tick. Any Diagnosis?


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I know you care about your dog, or you wouldn't be here asking something. But honestly, you need to get him to the vet, there isn't anything you can do at home for him if he is trying to bite you for softly touching his "owie". Hope this helps, good luck.
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This could be an injury, foreign body (like a cactus or foxtail), infection/abscess, or a mass (both benign and malignant).  This mass needs to be examined by a veterinarian.  A fine needle aspirate (a cell sample obtained by placing a small needle in the mass) should be run.  Treatment will be based on exam findings. 
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If its a tick, its going to have some kind of stripes on it.,
and it will be hanging by a very small bit..

are you afraid to get near it?
sounds like the dog is pretty irritated by the thang.
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My immediate response was... Get a flashlight and figure out if it's a tick.. And then let's go from there.  your dog shouldn't have a say in it... If he's in pain and needs your help, you need to be able to figure out what's wrong... And he'll appreciate it, and respect you for it in the end. 

If you don't have a companion who can help restrain him.. And you don't have a muzzle, a length of roll gauze, ribbon or any long strip of cloth can be used to create one...   (don't worry, you won't be doing anything that the vet won't be doing)...  the material must NOT be stretchy... If using actual gauze double it for increased strength.
The length of material must be adequate to wrap around the muzzle at least twice, then tie behind the ears... For a Springer I'm thinking 6-8 feet. Make a loop (one turn under) in the center of the length of gauze, large enough to easily slip over his muzzle... Place the loop around the muzzle and pull the ends to tighten snuggly on the top of the snout and tie a single knot... Then bring the ends of the gauze down under the jaw and tie a second knot... Take the long ends of the gauze from under his chin and tie them snuggly behind his ears in either a knot or a  bow If he has a collar on.. Tie it then to the collar for added security (if you choose to tie a knot here instead of a bow, have a pair of scissors handy in case the muzzle needs to be you can removed quickly)... Tie his front paws loosely with a figure 8 if necessary.  

Now lay him on his side and straddle him with your legs, facing his rear... You're not actually going to "sit down" on him but you're going to use your calves, thighs and restrained body weight to subdue him... Snug in your legs along the length of his body to secure him... And get to work.  most dogs will struggle briefly, but then submit once they realize you mean business.. It is very important that you remain calm and reassuring no matter how much he struggles.. He needs to know that your incharge and you know what you're doing.


Now, you need to be as gentle as possible, but you need to get in there enough it determine whether or not it's a tick.. And if it's not.. To give a thorough enough examination so that you can get a clear idea of what's going on. 

If it is a tick... Simply grasp it as close to the body as possible and pull firmly and steadily until it's out...  If it's not a tick.. I'm thinking it's probably an abscess of some sort.  Look for any foreign body that may have wedged it's way in or around the pad (thorn, foxtail..?).. Look also for any othe explaination.. Cuts, bite mark, blister, pus.. ?).. if you can find anything that needs to be removed, and can remove it without causing undue pain.. Then do so.  Otherwise, give him some pain reliever and get him in in the morning to have it taken care of.  I tend to think if it were a tumor this would have progressed much more gradually, and you would have discovered a problem long before it became this acute.   


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