Mole/bump On My Dogs Snout?it Looks Like A Tick Filled With Blood But It Is Definitely Not A Tick. It Is Attached Like A Growth But Smooth Like A Tick Would Be. It Is More Of A Gray And Tan Color. It Also Has No Hair On It.


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Ticks are not really that easy to distinguish..and they can range colour  from black brown or grey. If its not a tick and you are sure than it may be and ingrown hair an insect bite...or if you have a cat it could be an infected puncture from the cats claw(this happens to my dog a lot). Do not pull it off or out...make a thick paste of baking soda and lots of salt... It will draw out a tick sooth and insect bite and disinfect.
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Its definitely not a tick. We live in the woods and are used to ticks. It looks like something burrowed under there. Ill try the baking soda/salt and see what happens. Thanks for any info.
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My do has the EXACT same thing, definitely not a tick. Doesn't seem to hurt her, its a perfect round fluid filled bump on her snout.  Would love to know what it is, it looks very benign.  Just spent LOTS of money at the vet getting teeth cleaned, etc.  Simply don't have it in the budget to take her back at this very moment.

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