Is It Possible That A "Growth" On A Dog's Paw Is NOT Cancer? My Dog Had One, It Seemed To "Pop", Now Its Gone? What Was It? It Smelled "Yucky" And Stained Blanket, She Isn't In Pain.


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Yes it is possible that the growth was not cancer. It may have been some type of abscess and you may need to watch it to make sure that it does not start getting infected. If it is hotter than normal then you may need to start the dog on antibiotics and try to keep the infection from spreading. Good luck.
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I would think it almost certainly NOT cancer, especially if it has popped and now gone away. I think it was probably either a tiny tiny foreign body like a seed, or a thorn in its paw that got infected, because it is on the dirty ground. This would have then become inflamed and filled with puss which is smelly!
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This sounds like either a cyst or an abscess.  If it comes back it needs to be examined by a veterinarian to make sure there is not a cancerous tumor that became infected and ruptured. 
Especially in younger dogs there are some tumors--like papillomas (warts) and histiocytomas--that will regress on their own though they do not "pop."
I hope this growth does not return.
Make sure you are preventing your dog from licking the area and causing an infection.
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From Jora and Kya (sounds like kia with a long I)
   Thank you these are the answers we were hoping for.  the only thing about it being a thorn or even a seed, is it was about an inch and a half long and 3/4 of an inch wide and 1/4 to 1/2 inch high.  She did do a lot of licking, in fact to be way to honest, that is how we found it.  we were all so preoccupied with attending to my mom, that our basic needs were met and that was about it.  the dogs were not as physically active with me in the last 5 months.

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