Why Is It My Female {spayed} Dog Trys To Hump Other Female Dogs?


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She is showing dominance. You should strongly discourage this behavior from occuring with ANY dog, you are the alpha in her pack, and allowing her to do this, she may eventually challenge your alpha role, as she is doing with other dogs. Any dog that shows dominance could progress into being agressive or getting bad behaviors (food agressive, toy agressive, territorial), which all things you want to avoid so she can be happy, healthy, and balanced.

I recommend when she shows this behavior to calmy, yet assertively, push her off the dog she is humping and correct the behavior (make her sit, or tell her no) and not let her move from her sit position until she is calm. If she does it agian, just keep pushing her off. Persistence is the key. And remember, try not to get fustrated, because dogs can sense that and it will get you no where. :) and good luck!
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If a female dog, any breed, under no circumstances, humps any body or animal, she is showing dominance. It has nothing to do with reproduction.

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