Can You Explain Thick Saliva Coming Out From Dog's Mouth?


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If a dog is seen to be producing thick saliva, or to be foaming at the mouth, many people think immediately of Rabies. While thick saliva or foaming at the mouth is a symptom of Rabies, this is a disease which is actually fairly uncommon today, so please do not be alarmed if you see these symptoms in your dog.

One reason why dogs may salivate excessively is due to excitement or anxiety. For example, many dog owners claim that their pets salivate before a show, when they are experiencing a lot of tension. This is due to an overly high rate of activity in the glands within the dog's mouth which produce saliva, and should clear when the dog's heart rate reduces and the dog becomes calmer.

Excessive salivation in dogs can also occur if the dog gets too hot. Dogs left in hot cars for a period of time, or who exercise heavily, can foam at the mouth or produce thick saliva as a way of cooling themselves down. You may have noticed that your dog pants, with its tongue hanging out of its mouth. This is the dog's way of cooling itself down, and the excess saliva or foam is an aid in this procedure.

Dogs can also produce thick saliva because they have put something into their mouth which they shouldn't have. Some toads and snakes emit a gas or liquid as a defense mechanism when picked up by a predator such as a dog, and the dog will produce excess saliva as a way of clearing this unpleasant substance from its mouth, and of preventing it from entering the stomach. While the substance emitted by the toad or snake is usually harmless, you should contact your vet if your dog demonstrates any unusual symptoms or behavior within the following days.

Dogs with allergies can also produce thick saliva as part of an allergic reaction. For example, if a dog is allergic to mushrooms, and bites on, chews, or carries a mushroom in its mouth, the dog's defenses will mistake the mushroom for something deadly, and react in a way to prevent the mushroom from entering the body. The production of thick, excess saliva is a symptom of this.
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There could be more than one cause. It may be your dog has something like a dental abscess and needs some dental work and appropriate medication so they don't go septic or other things. Even if not a dental abscess your pup needs to see the vet and it shouldn't be put off. There may be something stuck in there that shouldn't be, some other infection or injury.
Acute excessive salivating should be looked into and in your pups case there is also a fowl oder indicating there is definitely a problem that should be checked into by a doctor. The vet will have a better idea once they are able to take a look and speak to you about everything.  I hope your baby is feeling better soon, please let us know how things are going.
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The dog if it suffers with any type of allergies,  or any disease, it may produces thick saliva.

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Could be due to many reasons. Maybe it could be due to some thing he/she ate. Maybe he/she is dehydrated and in need of extra water. If it keeps persisting I would call your vet for more information.
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Its only a liver problem may be an ulcer.
Keep surroundings clean & away from Saliva as soon as possible.

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