Can Dogs Lick 'Bag Balm'?


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Can dogs lick Bag Balm?

Although it shouldn't do your pet any harm if they happen to lick Bag Balm, it is not advised.

This is mainly because the substance was not designed for this purpose, and therefore would have no beneficial effects on your dog.

However, Bag Balm's consistency could cause blockages or other problems in your pet's digestive system if it is consumed in large doses.

The antiseptic within Bag Balm could also have a negative effect on your pet internally.

Initially designed as a treatment for irritated cow's udders, Bag Balm can be used on numerous things, including, furniture, dogs and human skin! It is best used to heal cuts, abrasions, dry skin and grazes.

  • To apply Bag Balm to your dog, first wipe clean the area where you wish to apply the ointment.
  • Scoop up the uppermost layer of salve, and apply it to the affected area.
  • Massage and spread the balm over the area.
  • Repeat about twice a day, until the problem has been cured.

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