How Do You Attract Frogs, Toads And Newts To Your Pond?


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Keep your pond natural and healthy and frogs, toads and newts will find you. They all love moist conditions and do not live in the actual pond water continuously. So make sure your garden has some quiet damp spaces for them to enjoy as well as a pond. Ornamental ponds are sometimes created on terraces but a pond which is surround by paving on all sides is rather challenging for amphibians such as frogs and toads. Imagine trying to reach or leave the pond in hot weather. There is nothing more tragic then the sight if hundreds of sizzled dead baby frogs thwarted in their attempts to reach some shady cover. Make sure your pond has some vegetation on the margins and a green corridor for the free passage of amphibians if you want a healthy population. You can hurry the process along by transporting frog and toad spawn from another site to hatch into tadpoles in your garden but they will find your pond eventually anyway. Remember some newts are protected species so if you find them in your pond during the breeding season you must do nothing to harm them.
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You need to keep a pond or water source or they wont come at all

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