How Do Frog Ponds Help The Environment?


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Well one way they help is by eating bugs so they don't overpopulate and that means less bugs to eat the plants, the plants give us oxygen  . . . They also eat fish eggs so fish don't over populate and eat the frog eggs  . . . .. Its a pretty wacked cycle haha. Hope this helped love your friend.
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Frogs, like all amphibian friends, eat insects, which sometimes destroy crops, and clear fields.
Frogs eat these bugs, which cuts down some of the bug population.Toads can eat up to 20,500 insects a year, frogs, on the other hand, can eat up to 20,000 insects a year. If you consider building a frog pond, you will get rid of some pesky bugs, and some helpful ones, depending if you have a small amount of frogs, or large you will get rid of those nasty, bugs big, and small. Consider this: You get small wood frog larvae in your frog pond, they grow into frogs, and they eat just enough bugs to keep your garden healthy. You get bullfrogs in your frog pond, they grow huge, they eat most of your wood frogs, they eat too many bugs, even scorpions, too. Next year, there are too many bullfrogs, one single bullfrog female lays 20,000 eggs, it's a lot, I know. Your garden gets unhealthy, the bullfrogs have no more, or not much food, they move onto a stream, the same process, but you have started a frog disaster. I recommend getting small frogs in your pond that don't have a HUGE appetite. Get small wood frogs, they clear up some bugs, and don't breed almost every day of the year

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