How Do A Human Can Differentiate Between A Turtle And A Tortoise , And A Frog And A Toad?


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Scientifically, the word turtle is the inclusive word that includes different types of turtles and tortoises. So all tortoises are technically a type of turtle.

More commonly the term turtle refers to those types which live in the water, such as pond turtles, sea turtles and terrapins while tortoises live on the land with legs that are thicker and only go to water to drink.

The same thing applies to frogs and toads because, technically toads are a type of frog.

More commonly the differences are as follows:

Frogs have bulging eyes, strong hind legs used for swimming and jumping, smooth, slimy skin. They lay their eggs in clusters. They usually live in or near water.

Toads have shorter hind legs because they walk instead of jumping. They have dry and warty skin and lay their eggs in long chains. They can be found further away from water, although they lay their eggs in water.

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