How Do I Get Rid Of Or Scare Off Copperheads(those Snakes)?


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Daniel Martinez answered
I was told of a story that this lady used 'moth balls', yea, the kind that you put inside of the closet to get rid of moths!
Start by placing them around the perimeter of your house.If that is where you want to get rid of them.
SUGGESTION: Don't go crazy and place them EVERYWHERE,  you have to let the snakes go somewhere, let them escape.
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John answered
You can try creosote oil, a stripe sprayed around the yard is used to deter snakes from coming into the yard .
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J. Wyatt answered
I have not tried this but a friend told me that in India  they use cashews. I have use moth balls.
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Get a couple of cats that should do it
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Rat poison would poison their food supply, and thus get rid of your copperheads.  Try baiting them into a cage if you do not wish to harm them and relocate them later.

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