How To Get Rid Of Black Snakes?


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Although black snakes are completely harmless to humans, they can be a nuisance and most people do not like the idea of snakes sharing their homes with them!

How to get rid of black snakes in your home?
  • The most effective way of ridding your home of black snakes is to remove their food supply. Black snakes eat rodents such as rats and mice, (which can be a good thing, as they keep the levels of these rodents down). So, to rid yourself of the black snakes, you will need to get rid of any mice and rats that may be in your house or yard.
  • Blocking the entry points for black snakes is also crucial. They love climbing trees and, if branches are touching the side of your house, then they'll use these to gain entry. Cut down these branches to prevent any unwanted visitors.
  • Mothballs can be a cheap and effective way of removing snakes from your home. Just don't let small children or any domestic animals come into contact with them.
  • If all this fails contact your local pest control, who will be able to remove the black snakes.
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It's the same as other snakes get a bucket a rat when the snakes eating the rat trap it with the bucket.
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Answer below, but black snakes, whether black racers or rat snakes, are useful for keeping down vermin, and they're harmless to humans.

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