How Do You Scare Off Bats?


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How to scare bats off?

Bats have extremely sensitive hearing, so one of the best ways of scaring them off is to make loud noises in their vicinity!

However, having bats around may not always be a bad thing - they eat and repel thousands of unwanted insects, such as mosquitos.

But if they are nesting in an unwanted area, then there are numerous measures that you can take to ensure that they go away and don't return!

  • There are a whole host of companies that manufacture bat repellents, and these are very effective tools in ridding your house of bats. They work by producing a high-frequency squeal (which humans cannot hear), that unsettles the creatures.
  • For a cheaper alternative, you can simply take a stereo system and place it near to the nesting bats. Crank it up to eleven and they should scarper pretty fast!
  • For those of you without a substantial stereo system to frighten them away, just moving around quickly in their area will certainly scare them off.
Repeating these measures frequently will soon ensure that the bats believe the area they're occupying isn't safe anymore, and they should leave.
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In my opinion, you should not scare off bats as my method is make really loud noise in front of them as their ears are really sensitive.

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