Do You Use Lime Or Sulfur To Get Rid Of Snakes?


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Sharon McKenzie answered
Lime or sulfur does NOT repel or get rid of snakes; that is 100% MYTH. It's probably based on another myth, which is the widely-held belief that snakes have slimy, wet, porous skin, so that contact with lime or sulfur will burn them if they cross it. Snake skin is dry, just like ours, not slimy at all. Sulfur smells like eggs, and indeed, sulfur is what gives eggs their distinct smell and yellow color to egg yolk, and many species of snakes EAT eggs, so if something smell like their food, tell me, is it going to repel them, or attract them? That would be like putting out pizza to get rid of teenagers. There IS no such thing as a snake repellent that actually works, no matter what the claims are.

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