What Is The Difference Between A Alsatian And A German Shepherd?


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German Shepherd Dog was originally bred in Germany in a town call Alsatia. During the WWII the allies were impressed with the breed and wanted to bring it to England and breed. But Europe did not accept the term "German" against the breed name. They remained it Alsatian. There is NO difference between the two except the names. They have the same Characteristics. In today's world the name German Shepherd is fully accepted even in the European countries.
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Alsatian is the correct name of the German shepherd breed. Not the Belgian, nor any other. The original big headed, good natured, family oriented German shepherd. Lovely animals, don't you think?
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Check your facts!! Original name was German Shepherd. Name changed by the British after the war when anything "German related" got frowned upon. Luckily the name has changed back. "Alsatian" is not even a registered breed!

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