Is a German shepherd a good pet if you have kids above the age of 13?


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Jvermont Luvgshepherds Profile

Absolutely, they are very active dogs, so an active child to play with is perfect!

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Awesome Autumn answered

Yes, me and my family have 3 German Shepherds. They are awesome.

the devil with-in Profile

Yes just not toddlers because German Shepherds are a bit big

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bittu jain answered
German Shepherd dog is one of most popular dogs. They are a very intelligent and capable dog. German Shepherd dogs work for police and military. German Shepherd dogs are a very loyal and wonderful dog because they are so cute.
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Kelsey Jager answered

German Shepherds are perfect for that age. But I wouldn't be too sure around younger children because that type of breed can get a bit aggressive and feisty. Other then that yes.

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obafena lee , obafena, answered

Yes because these dogs are nice to any age some of them go loops. If you're 13 you'll have a good life with the dog because the dog will trust you and get on with you better.

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Lard Ass answered

Absolutely! The German Shepherd is a wonderful, loyal, and protective dog with a great temperament. They tend to be on the larger size so proper training is a must! They have issues with hip dysplasia in their older years!

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