My English Bull Terrier Is Pregnant How Many Puppies Do They Have On Average?


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Paige Coleman answered
They can have anything from six up to twelve pups in one litter
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KR- myopinions answered
The Bull Terrier has an average of about 4 to 8 pups but a breeder finds out during their standard prenatal care before whelp since it's an important part of evaluating problems.
The first link is some more breeding and whelping basics information and links for you if you are interested and second is the breed parent club with more breed information, breeders, rescue ect.
A good breeder for this very specialized breed is extremely important. You will need a good breeders knowledge and support and also to make sure you are even a fit or prepared for one in the first place. Most people aren't. :-) There would also be the health and behavioral issues that run rampant in poorly bred Bull Terriers to be concerned about.
Good luck to you.

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