Can Dogs Eat Cucumber?


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Hannah Barton answered
Dogs should not have cucumber as part of their usual diet. This is a vegetable and it is not recommended that dogs eat vegetables every day.

The make up of a dog's diet should be based around;

  • Dog food.
  • Meat.
  • Dog biscuits.

There are also dog treats such as dog chocolate and bars that they can have but due to the variety of ingredients in these, it is recommended that a dog does not eat these every day.

Cucumber can be eaten by a dog and there is no evidence that it causes any damage. Dogs can eat fruit, vegetables or seed every now and again and these things will not harm them but they should not eat it every day.

The reason for how restrictive a dog's diet should be is that their stomach and other digestive organs are not evolved enough to eat all of the foods we eat. They are especially not used to eating sugar which is found naturally in fruit and vegetables and otherwise in sweets and chocolate. Sugar is hard for a dog to digest and they can get stomach pains and diarrhea from eating sugar. This is because their bodies are made to eat meat as they were once a wild animal and have only in the last few hundred years become a domestic pet. As a wild animal they would have eaten meat.

It is a well known fact that dogs will eat most things and you sometimes can't help what your dog will scavenge from a fruit tree or from your kitchen when it is acting naughty. If your dog does have a tendency to act up and eat things it shouldn't, try to keep these things out of sight and reach of your dog when you are not around to supervise.
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They could eat a little bit of it. You don't want to give it too much, he might get the runs from it. Hope this helps, good luck to you and the pup.
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I give my dogs cucumbers sometimes, not too much
though & their fine. Good Luck!
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Sheryl Townsend answered
Giving cucumber to dogs can upset there stomach and cause them to have extreme wind which is neither pleasant for the dog or owner.

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