How to make a bee trap?


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Hi I see your question and would like to help. Bees Can be a pest can't they? You Can easaly make a bee trap by getting a large coke or and other soda bottle then cut almost the top half off now stick the bottle on a wall surface where the bees are. Put Something sweet in there like a little but of some fruity drinks or something. Now Put either duct tape or any other tape that would be sticky enough. The Bees are going to want to hang out in the bottle on the bottle walls so they can stick and or drown in the fruity drink. Don't Have a fruity drink? No Problem. Just Put at least something sweet in there with the sticky tape and for sure youll catch some bees in there. If That doesnt work you can simply go to your local Home Depot or Lowes and for sure they will have traps and spray. Hoped This helped you :).

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