What are your favorite animals in the wild?


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White Wolf

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Angela: thanks! it's really beautiful! i love them :)
Rooster: Maybe the servers sounds small but the site is big itself! there's so many options, which makes me confuse & hard to decide how to use it. It has the potential. I like it here. I'll watch that out. & sure having fun :)
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Don't hesitate to ask Angela or myself any questions you may have. We're here to help. It's our job and we love it!
Matt Radiance
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I appreciate it. You guys always doing A great job.
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I have two, dogs and horses. I cannot pick just one (:

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The Wolf is my favorite animal

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Tiger only

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All otters.  The sea otter, the fresh water otters are my favorite wild animal...

but there are close seconds.. The snow leopards and the cheetahs, The wolves and the mustangs,  the blue-footed boobies and the bird that flies in the water, not the sky!!  The penguins.  I liked them before they became so popular. 

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