Are There Any Reasons Why A Pregnant Gorilla Should Be Kept Away From The Public?


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Yes, there is one big reason why a pregnant gorilla should be kept away from the public at all costs. This is because the main threat for gorillas is people. They face the threat of extinction and becoming an endangered species. Since a large number of gorillas have already fallen prey to widespread illegal poaching, it is upto the forest and wildlife conservation authorities and organisations such the World Wildlife Fund for Nature (WWF) to join hands at the earliest and start an intense and high-priority wildlife conservation programme which specifically aims at the conservation of gorillas.

Pregnant female gorillas and baby gorillas are the most vulnerable of the lot. This is because they are in a helpless position, and the poachers can be quite relentless in their pursuit of the gorillas. A pregnant gorilla especially can be a soft target for a poacher and can end up losing its life and that of its unborn child if it comes into direct contact with a poacher.
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yes, but who says that every member of the public happens to be a poacher. if the gorilla is in the zoo then surely poachers can't harm it?
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Yes I do agree
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I think its all true : - )

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