My Dog Has Been Bitten By Red Bugs, How Do I Treat Her?


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It may partly depend on what the red bugs are. If they are ants or fire ants, they have deposited a little type of poison. Fire ants are a particularly nasty kind of irritant. If is is some other kind of bug, a spider or something that could make your dog sick you will soon know it.

First you should gently clean the area with a cloth with warm water. Then, you can use the same creams for itch and sting that people do. Benadryl is good to use. And sometimes is best used mixed with some Vaseline type product. There is an over the counter cream called Bag Balm. First made to use on cows udders when they were sore. It has a strong smell of menthol or something like that. This should help keep you dog from licking off the cream you put on. It will also help to sooth the bitten area.

Your dog will want to lick off anything that you put on her. If you can distract her or if she is a small breed, hold on to her for at least 3 to 5 minutes, some of the medicine will soak into the skin. If the bites are numerous and she is very irritated, you could give her a Benadryl pill or capsule. This would hopefully help her to become sleepy, as well as take away the itch. They are all right for dogs. The only problem to watch out for with this, is that Benadryl can cause an oppositional response in people and also in dogs. My dog, for instance, became very agitated and wouldn't sleep. But I have had other dogs that responded very well to it.

The one other thing to be aware of is if you are sure she was bitten by bugs. Did you see them? If you didn't, you might be dealing with an allergic rash. In that case you would want to use cortizone ointment. You can try that as well, even if you are sure it is bites. The main thing is to not let her lick it off for several minutes.

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