What Is A Snail And How Many Species Of Snails Are Found In The World?


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Snail is a very small but beautiful animal; its beauty is hidden in its shell. They are found wet atmosphere mostly near fresh water and marine. As they are very gentle and need wet atmosphere that is why they are found near water, in gardens mostly. If you have visited sea side you must have seen different shells there, if you were lucky to find any like me.
There are several groups of snails which differentiates them among their species, some of snail family or groups name are Pulmonata snails, prophylactic snails, Pomatiasidae, Succineidae, Cochlicopidae, Pyramidulidae, Aciculidae, Vertiginous, Chondridae, Pupillidae, Valloniidae, Zonitidae and many others.

There are around 40, 000 terrestrial species found in the world and they need to be kept carefully if you want to keep them as pet at home. There are different life spasm of snails according to their respective atmosphere, some snails live 2- 3 years, some live 5-7 years, it is also found that those snail who manage to survive in very good atmosphere and if it is giving positive effect to their health then they lived up to 30 years, but only few snails not all of them.

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