Hard Gray Bug With A Lot Of Legs And Flat , Flies, Climbs Walls And Big As A Dime. Move Real Slow. Can You Help?


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It is very difficult to answer this question without seeing a picture of the bug. In fact there are a number of Internet forums where people have written in with a similar bug description which seems to suggest that quite a few of them have been spotted in a number of homes. Unfortunately, without more information and a picture it is difficult to give a straight answer.

One idea would be to submit a picture to a website that is dedicated to identifying different bugs. A link to one of these websites can be found here:
www.bugguide.net- This website will be able to give a more detailed and expert opinion on what type of bug you have found in your home.

The bug does sound like it could be a woodlouse as it seems to have the right type of body, movement and legs as you describe- however they cannot fly. It could not be a centipede either as they do not fly or have flat, gray bodies.

In order to determine the type of bug there needs to be a better description of what the feet look like too. In addition, in order to pinpoint what the bug is you will also need to give more information on where the wings are located and how many the bug actually has. The shape of the wings may also give some clues that will help identify the creature.

With millions of different species of insects and spiders on earth, it can be very difficult to determine what one bug is based on a short description. Of course, scientists and bug experts also come across some new species they have never seen before so it may be very worthwhile getting in touch with an expert for a better idea of what the creature is.
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sounds like a stink bug to me...

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