Do Brown Recluse Spiders Inject Eggs Into Human Flesh While Biting?


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If they do lay eggs under skin it is not when they bit you.  However, a brown recluse bit is a very serious thing and can be deadly.  When a brown recluse bites you it injects a poison into your skin.  This poison will actually eat at the flesh where the bite is at.  If the bite is not treated immediately it can spread very rapidly, causing a huge sore.  The more someone messes with and irritates the bite it will spread very quickly.  So basically to answer you, no the spider doesn't lay eggs when it bites, I just thought you should know what really happens when they do bite.

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From what I've read they do not inject or lay their eggs in the human body when biting. They make egg sacks usually in dark undisturbed areas. Here is a site that talks all about it.
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A friend next door just told me about a guy he was talking to that he saw on a regular basis working. Anyhow the guy had a like boil on his face for days so the neighbor said one day why don't you pop that boil. So the guy used needle nosed pliers and started squeezing the boil type thing on his face and the neighbor says oh my god there is spiders coming out of it.The man did not believe the neighbor so he went into the mens bathroom and came out running to his car and went to the hospital where he recieved 4 stitches after they cleaned and sterilized the incision they made. Freaky but true. Hooks.
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No they do not they are to concerned with the little eggs well being to entrust them with us.brown recluce spider s do not inject eggs while biting.It is possible for other insects to do so(blowfly)though.
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They do not lay eggs when they bite. However, they do release a poison that may become a giant sore.
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Ok whatever on spider bites not laying eggs in humans. A friend of my fiance and I  named roy chavez sr. Was bit by a spider. Him and his wife had an exterminator come due to having a 3 month old and a 2 year they did not want to take the chance of the kids getting bit. Anyway about 2 weeks later they asked me to take care of the kids because his wife needed to take him to the doctor because the spider bite didn't go away and it was hurting him more then ever. Come to find out that the doctor took out spider eggs from his hand. His wife sent me pictures of this. I will load them on my myspace soon just to prove to guys it is true. Any ways he had to be put on medication to treat his hand from infection.

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