My Shih Tzu Had Not Had Her Second Heat Cycle What Is Wrong With Her?


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Muhammad Nadeem answered
You have not given complete details about you dog like age, approximate starting date of previous heat, etc. Gap between 2 heat cycles in dogs can be of 6-7 months but sometimes, it can be one year. Dogs can also miss their heat periods. If due date of heat periods in your dog is gone then wait for 1 or 2 more months and then get advice from vet if still no heat periods.
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Patsy PLTB answered
Our experience with ShihTzu heat cycles is that they are quite fastidious little creatures and will try very hard to keep selves clean...thus we have missed the actual 'heat' of our girls several times. We also have learned that the smaller the animal the more likely she is to experience "silent" heats. When  you suspect it Is time and that she is a maybe a little moody, a simple blood test will confirm  her condition for U.  We finally (after 2 blood tests) had successful breed after only one day of trying. We are now proud grandparents of five exceptional 6wk old fur babies!  Good Luck to you...

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