Did Dinosaurs Really Exist?


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The dinosaurs did exist, yes!

How Do We Know?
Well, archaeologists have found loads of fossils and skeletons to prove it. In lucky cases, the dinosaur bones are still in the position that the creature died in, which is how we know what they looked like.

Dinosaurs Through the Ages
  • The theory is that the dinosaurs first appeared during the Triassic Period, which was around 230 million years ago. One of the first dinosaurs was the coelophysis, which was a small, light-framed biped that ate meat.
  • The Jurassic Period, which began about 200 million years ago, is when the dinosaurs were at the top of the food chain – not only were they the most powerful creatures around, but there were also loads of them. The diplodocus and stegosaurus lived during the Jurassic Period, but despite popular belief, the T-Rex didn’t come until later!
  • After the Jurassic Period came the Cretaceous Period. This period began around 145 million years ago, and it was at this time that you’d find the T-Rex and triceratops.
  • The Paleogene Period came 65 million years ago. The beginning of this period is marked with the extinction event that wiped out the dinosaurs.
  • The most popular explanation for the dinosaurs’ extinction is that a meteor hit Earth. There’s a huge crater beneath Mexico which suggests that the meteor was 110 miles wide – if it didn’t squash all the dinosaurs, the theory is that it caused a dramatic climate change that caused them to become extinct.
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If you believe God didn't create dinosaurs because they hunted man, you need to stop right there.

  • First, dinosaurs did exist. There is a wealth of evidence to support their existence.
  • Second, many dinosaurs were herbivores. That means they didn't eat meat, and they didn't hunt humans.
  • Third, there's no record of what animals were supposed to have been created by God.
  • Fourth, some animals you see in paintings of Adam and Eve and Noah's Ark, are man-eaters.
  • Last, dinosaurs evolved from lower life forms as we all did.
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Dinosaurs are mentioned in the Bible. They are not called dinosaurs but the behemoth and the leviathan. It's in the book of Job, chapters 40 verse 15 - 24 and chapter 41 verses 1 - 10.

Some versions say they are an elephant or an alligator but if you remember the elephant's tail it is very small not like the tail of a cedar that the King James Bible says it is like. Then in verse 19 of chapter 41 it says the leviathan spits fire from its mouth, I know that alligators can't do that. Just thought you would like to know.

It was Sir Richard Owen who found some of the first dinosaur fossils. They were teeth.
They were pretty big too. He studied many types of animals and was pretty sure that these teeth did not belong to any living animal today. He did however think it was similar to a lizard's tooth. So he named the dinosaurs. This discovery caused many others to be curious and they to began looking for dinosaurs.

The term "dinosaur" was given in 1842 by Sir Richard Owen and derives from Greek word (deinos) "terrible, powerful, wondrous" (sauros) = "lizard". = Terrible, powerful, wondrous lizard.
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The term 'dinosaur' was ascribed 200 years ago to the fossilized remains of animals which no longer appeared to roam the earth.

It refers to a wide variety of animals. There is some difficulty in trying to determine if a name of an animal which appears in the Scriptures might be a creature that we would call a dinosaur.
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We and the scientists have plenty of good reasons to believe so - there's evidence in the form of fossilised tracks, skeletons, and even fossilised eggs.
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Nannaknows, I don't think dinosaurs breathed fire. Perhaps you are thinking of dragons. Did they go on the ark with Noah as well?
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Yes, they did exist, and we've got fossils found by archaeologists all over the world to prove it.
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There were no dinosaurs. The bones that were found, no one can tell how old they are. And it's all imagination...
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Actually, scientists CAN
tell how old bones are. The process is called radiometric dating, and uses the properties of the bones' isotopes.
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Yeah, dinosaurs exist a long long time ago, but as of now no dinosaurs exist in our world.
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For me "dinosaurs" exist only in films and not in past.The films are really nice and entertaining like Jurassic Park series.

Well, the existence of dinosaurs is being claimed on the basis of fossils and skeletons found.There is no mention in any ancient records of any dinosaur or similiar creature. Though I  feel these bones are those of prehistoric crocodiles, rhinos, elephants and have been wrongly modified into imaginary creatures like T-rex, spinosaurus and many others.

These questions arise in mind, since how come you don't find a single creature similiar to T-rex today.

Show me a single creature today resembling a dinosaur? Answer is none, but if you tilt the head of a crocodile to around 75 degree angle and increase the length of hind legs we get Mr T-rex.

The false story of comet hitting the earth was later produced by our great scientists and researchers to prove the wrong dinosaur story  right. Loch Ness monster is also a hoax, show me the proof.
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I totally agree with you.
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Of course there isn't any mention of dinosaurs in ancient texts - the dinosaurs were around millions of years before humans were.

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