What Habitat Did The Dinosaurs Live In?


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It’s really difficult to say – the dinosaurs were around for over 160 million years, and the climate would have changed pretty significantly during that time. After all, there were several ice ages over that period.

The dinosaurs were such a diverse group of animals, with so many different species, that they probably lived everywhere.

Some dinosaurs could fly, some were heavy and slow, and some were fast. Some ate meat, whereas others preferred to nibble on vegetation.  All of these things would have influenced where they lived!

Asking about the habitat of dinosaurs is like asking about the habitat of birds – owls, parrots, chickens and eagles are all birds, but they also have different habitats!

Fossils show that there were dinosaurs on every continent by the Jurassic Period. Not only would their habitat vary depending on where they lived on the planet, but the time in which they lived would also have had a pretty big impact.

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Depends where they were situated - some in forests, some in plains, and some in water. It is hard to determine what the land was like millions of years ago.

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