When Did Dinosaurs Die?


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The dinosaurs became extinct around 65 million years ago, at the end of the Cretaceous period.

Although the dinosaurs were the largest of the creatures to become extinct at this time, they weren’t the only creatures to disappear - lots of smaller species also died out during this time period, too!

Over the years, there's been a lot of debate as to what actually killed the dinosaurs. The asteroid theory has the most evidence behind it, though, and scientists are pretty confident that it's right. Unfortunately, the T-Rex had very short, useless arms - I'm sure he'd have left us a diary otherwise!

The Asteroid Theory
65 million years ago, an asteroid with a diameter of 110 meters hit Earth - there's a huge crater under Mexico to prove it!

Scientists believe that the collision threw loads of dust into the air, and this blocked the sun's rays. Due to lack of exposure to sunlight, many animals and plants died.

The collision also brought dramatic changes in climate, and it all became too hot and then too cold for the poor dinosaurs. Soon, they began to die (that's if the meteor hadn't already landed on them) and extinction followed.

Volcanic Activity
A large increase in volcanic activity may have spewed lots of debris into the air, and this would have blocked out the sun and caused the death of the dinosaurs.

Ice Age Theory Theoretically, a severe ice age could also have caused the dinosaurs' extinction. The severe ice would have caused temperatures to plummet and frozen all the water. The dinosaurs wouldn't have been able to survive under such conditions - they'd get thirsty!

Disease There are also theories that a contagious and deadly disease may have killed the dinosaurs, and as humans didn't live back then, there was nobody to take them to the vet.

Regardless of which theory is the correct one, it is generally accepted that the dinosaurs disappeared around 65 million years ago. This has been determined through the studying of sedimentary rocks and fossils, as well as DNA evidence.
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A long, long, long time ago! But if you want an actual figure on it, it is roughly 64 million years ago - told you it was along time ago! Why they died out still remains a mystery.

Some people think that dinosaurs stopped having daughters, so there was no reproduction going on. Others believe that a huge meteorite hit the world and destroyed them all. In fact, no one really knows for sure.

There are a number of theories though - some are scientific and some are beyond belief. Most scientists however, believe in one or two main theories, but again, no one is absolutely certain why dinosaurs became extinct because no one was around to see or hear what was going on back then and no one kept any records!

Most theories centre around either volcanic activity or a massive ice-age. Other theories are that they all became diseased or that they were abducted by aliens - yes, some really do believe that!

What we do know comes mainly from fossil records. Scientists study the fossils themselves, and they study the rock in which the fossils are found.

Fossil records haven't given us definite proof for any one theory. This is because there are some problems with fossil records. For one thing, most fossil evidence of dinosaurs has been found in North America. We don't know as much about dinosaur activity on other parts of the earth. Another problem is that it is very hard to date fossils.
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About 65 million years ago.
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There are many theories that offer vital clues to the mass extinction of dinosaurs. However, most of the theories seem to agree that the mass extinction of all the non-avian species of dinosaurs is an event that occurred approximately 65 million years ago.

In fact, this mass extinction of the non-avian species of dinosaurs, which took place approximately 65 million years ago, is one of the mysteries of modern science - which is still baffling the palaeontologists all over the world. Palaeontology is the term which is used to define the study of dinosaurs.

Many other species of animals and birds, such as ammonites (which are basically molluscs that resembled the nautilus), mosasaurs, plesiosaurs, pterosaurs, herbivorous turtles, crocodiles, several species of birds and many species of mammals, also became extinct approximately 65 million years ago, that is around the same time as the dinosaurs became extinct.
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The last generation of dinosaurs were known about 65 million years ago and the exact date is not known. In fact all dinosaurs were not killed in the same year but there were 335 kinds of dinosaurs and the last kind of dinosaurs became extinct 65 million years ago.
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Roughly 65 million years ago.
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Approximately 65 million years ago when a meteorite hit the east coast of Mexico and wiped out almost all life on Earth. But not all creatures died in the tragedy which meant they could grow and evolve making us who we are today.
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65 million years ago, if you keep on digging from where you are you will be able to find the K-T boundary and that's when the dinosaurs died out. :)
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There are many theories, but the mostly accepted one considers that dinosaurs died about 65 million years ago.
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They lived in the Mesozoic Era, which began 245 million years ago and lasted for 180 million years.
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Theories about how dinosaurs died is from a meteor. There is no way to prove this, but scientists believe that a meteor could be the only action to wipe out the dinosaur race. It could have created a wave of dust and dirt that covered the Earths atmosphere for many years.

With the lack of sunlight (energy) and oxygen (to breath), the dinosaurs and other plants and animals died.
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Actually it was thousands of years ago. And before the flood they were vegetarians, even the T-Rex. A Geologist that was Athiest and believed in Darwin's Theory became a Christian after she found a dinosaur fossil that still had blood placids still in the bone marrow.

The proof is in the pudding or as I say it's in the Holy Bible ( He only left you basic instructions before leaving Earth).
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God and science are not related concepts.

So I don't agree with either of the extremist points of view on this forum. (And I don't think saying people are "spewing" things is adult or constructive.)

The dinosaurs died approximately 65 million years ago.

Scientists have various ways of establishing the ages of everything on the planet, from the K-T boundary to radio-carbon dating.

God is a personal concept we can choose to use to enrich our lives. Anyone who has studied quantum electrodynamics knows what we know about the universe is still dwarfed by what we don't understand. So if there is, finally, a scientific basis for God, it is probably very far from being understood, As Darwin said when asked if man can define God: "A dog might fathom the brain of Newton." But ultimately, God is not an "eye in the sky," God is something we reach for and find within ourselves.

It's not necessary for religion to try and debunk science.

And it's not necessary for science to debunk God.

These are separate topics.
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Creationists spew absolute rubbish! Flood? Ridiculous. DO NOT FILL YOUR KIDS' HEADS WITH THIS JUNK.

The dinosaurs died over 60+ million years ago after a critical global event. Some did not die and you can see their "cousins" today in the likes of reptiles & birds.

God does not exist, there is no need for him to exist....research properly and believe what you will, but dig deep...don't believe stories written 2000 years ago, like the Earth isn't the centre of the universe, nor is it flat, nor does the sun orbit us.

Ideas change when science proves otherwise, and religion needs to as well.
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Well I just read that some of them were on the Ark? They sure would need a lot of head room and since they had never seen some of the other animals that Noah was taking with him..they must have been a bit antsy, too.

I would not want to be around a nervous dinosaur,  would you?
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I think they are still all alive and we are and other animals are evolved forms of dinosaurs.

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