How Much Does A Walrus Weigh?


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A male walrus weighs 2 tons
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A walrus is a semi marine mammal of the sub order Pinnipedia which includes seals and sea lions and the family Odobenidae; they are easily distinguishable from sea lions by their long and pointed tusks which may grow as long as 3 ft long.

There are two main species of walruses the Atlantic and the Pacific classified according to their habitat. The male walruses known as bulls weigh significantly more than the females known as cows with the Pacific walrus bull weighing on an average 1600 kg (3500 lbs) and growing to a length of 12 feet while the walrus cow weighs 1000 kg (2200 lbs) and grows to a length of about 8-10 ft.

The Atlantic walrus species is a smaller with the bulls weighing about 750 kg (1700 lbs) and growing to a length of about 10 ft while the cow weighs about 550 kg (1200 lbs).
Walruses are bigger than sea lions with the Pacific Walrus weighing about 600 kg (1320 lbs) more than the Steller's Sea Lion the largest among the sea lions.

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