How Do I Stop My Dogs From Constantly Scratching Their Skin Raw?


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Do they have fleas fist of all?
They may be allergic to the Advantage .
This is fall  they may be allergic to the grass or harvest, or if you are using carpet fresh  of any kind they can have a reaction to this on your carpet.
Depending on size you can give them benadryl they have the children beadryl doses to you must check with a vet to know what dose to give them or you could make them sick or they could die if you over dose them this is important the correct dose.
I give it to my dogs as needle in a treat I fold the melt away ones up and they eat it .
This benadryl would help for th itching in both cases the fleas itch or allergy.
Next have you had a skin scraping done at the vet or have they seen a vet if not they should  this sounds very serious.

The skin scraping can tell you what it is they could have Mange or and a skin infection .

This could kill your dog if it is this bad please have the vet check for mange .
The ver can give them a antihistamine shot and a lotion there is also sprays he can prescribe to help them .
Please call and talk to your vet
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Adding some alovera juice and apple cider vineagar to their diet can help to
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You can put a cone on your dog.
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I  have a st.bernard and I had that vet told me to put a little bit of veg.oil(cooking oil) in there food...I looked at him like he was stupid but to my surprise it really does work.

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