What Should I Do With My Dog's Bowel Problems?


5 Answers

Ashley Sullens Profile
Ashley Sullens answered
If you ever see any blood in her feces or urine you should go ahead and make a appt with your vet. Bloody feces or urine is never a good sign. Trust Me I have worked at a vet here in GA for the past 3 years. You should also take a sample of feces to the vet with you when you go so they wont have to poke her for a sample. Good luck! Ashley
James Norman Profile
James Norman answered
If no vomiting, or worms present in feces then is probably a lack of protein in the diet; but I would have my vet check him out to be safe...
Your dog either may have worms or it could have a rectal problem and need medical help
Joe Doe Profile
Joe Doe answered
Your Yorking could have an infestation of some sort, I agree have him checked out ASAP!

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