My dog gets stiff, starts to drool, later vomits what could be causing this? She does not lose consciousness.


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How old is the dog??
I would be straight down the vet..for sure.
Has she eaten anything like gardening pellets rat poison or the likes..
Vet is best right know your dog..I help out in an animal rescue and I would def tell the vet. Hope the dog feels better soon.try not to stress. Plenty of hugs and reassurance to the dog from you so he knows your getting it sorted. Love n light
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It sounds like your pup may be having seizures for some reason. You need to see the vet. If your pup has another episode before you get there, you might try using a cell phone or something to try and video an episode if possible.
That way they can see what is happening and duration for themselves as well as your description. It can sometimes help with a faster diagnosis than only being able to rely on how someone is trying to describe something. I hope your baby is feeling better soon.

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