Can You Give Me Some Examples Of Beetles?


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There are millions of beetles and hundreds of thousands of different species and all are interesting in their own right. This is a beetle called Dynastes hercules lichyi. It is one of the largest beetles in the world. Some of the largest males of this species are 19 centimetres long.

The great diving beetle lives in slow moving or still water. It stores air in chambers in its abdomen and in bubbles that it keeps under its wings. It holds on to plants to keep it from floating back to the surface. Female diving beetles pierce holes in underwater plant stems to lay their eggs.

The Spanish crescent-horned dung beetle clears up the dead bodies of other animals. But dung beetles clear up the faeces of other animals. They prefer the dung of herbivores. Mating pairs of dung beetles settle down together by digging an underground den. When the den is finished, the male and female go off to look for a pile of fresh dung. They cut out a chunk and roll it back to the den with their back legs. The female lays her eggs in several dung balls and the larvae feed on the dug when they hatch.

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