Can you give me a list of 50 invertebrates?


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◦Wood Louse
◦Ants, Bees, Wasps
■Bullet Ant
■Carpenter Bee
■Honey Pot Ant
■Leaf Cutter Ant
■Velvet Ant
◦Grasshoppers, katydids, crickets, roaches, mantises, stick insects
■American Cockroach
■Cave Cricket
■Costa Rican Katydid
■False Katydid
■Flower Mantis
■German Cockroach
■Giant Cockroach
■Giant Prickly Stick
■Giant Spiny Stick
■Hissing Cockroach
■Javanese Leaf Insect
■Lubber Grasshopper
■Malagasy Blue-spot Mantis
■Malaysian Walkingstick
■Mole Cricket
■Northern Walkingstick
■Orchid Mantis
■Peruvian Firestick
■Praying Mantis
■Vietnamese Walkingstick
■African Jewel Beetle
■American Burying Beetle
■American Carrion Beetle
■Arizona Jewel Beetle
■Atlas Beetle
■Bess Beetle
■Cactus Longhorn Beetle
■Confused Flour Beetle
■Darkling Beetle
■Dogbane Leaf Beetle
■Eastern Hercules Beetle
■Fiery Searcher
■Flamboyant Flower Beetle
■Giant High Plains Tiger Beetle
■Giant Water Scavenger Beetle
■Green Metallic Scarab Beetle
■Hide Beetle
■Jade-headed Beetle
■Ladybug Beetle
■Margined Burying Beetle
■Pedunculate Ground Beetle
■Sunburst Diving Beetle
■Whirligig Beetle
◦Butterflies and Moths
■Blue Morpho
◦Cicadas, Cochineal Insects, Aphids
■Cochineal Insect
■Scale Insect
◦True Bugs
■Ferocious Water Bug
■Milkweed Bug
■Red Spot Assassin Bug
■Water Scorpion
◦True Flies
■House Fly
◦Desert Millipede
◦Giant African Millipede
◦Missouri Millipede
•Snails, Slugs, Octopuses
◦Apple Snail
◦Banana Slug
◦Partula Snail
•Spiders and Scorpions
◦Bark Scorpion
◦Black and Yellow Argiope Spider
◦Black Widow
◦Brazilian Salmon Pink Birdeater
◦Brazilian Whiteknee Tarantula
◦Brown Recluse Spider
◦Brown Widow
◦Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula
◦Cobalt Blue Tarantula
◦Desert Hairy Scorpion
◦Devil Stripe-tailed Scorpion
◦Egyptian Fat-tailed Scorpion
◦Emperor Scorpion
◦Golden Silk Spider
◦Green Lynx Spider
◦House Spider
◦Indian Ornamental Tarantula
◦Long-bodied Cellar Spider
◦Madagascar Orb-weaving Spider
◦Missouri Tarantula
◦Nursery Web Spider
◦Peruvian Pink-toe Tarantula
◦Red-kneed Tarantula
◦Silver Argiope
◦South African Flat Rock Scorpion
◦Spiny Orb-weaving Spider
◦Sri Lankan Ornamental Tarantula
◦Stripe-kneed Tarantula
◦Tailless Whip Scorpion
◦Texas Gold Tarantula
◦Trapdoor Spider
◦Whip Scorpion
•Worms, Leeches
◦Medicinal Leech

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