What Does A Blister Beetle Bite Look Like?


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  • The appearance of the Blister Beetle's bite

As suggested by the insect's name, a Blister Beetle's bite looks very much like a blister: Swollen and filled with pus.

  • Identifying a Blister Beetle

Found in every state of America and in the West Indies too, the Blister Beetle can be extremely long in the length in comparison to other beetles, with of a range half an inch to one inch.

Coming in a variety of colors, such as blue, spotted black and yellow, brow, metallic green, rusty rose pink, striped black and yellow, dull gray, black, and brown, the only way to really be able to differentiate them from others is by examining their neck; a Blister Beetle sports a very pronounced neck, such that you will not find in any other species of beetle. 

  • The effects of a Blister Beetle

Although it is indeed possible to be bitten by the Blister Beetle, it is not a common occurrence; the reaction that takes place can happen just by having contact with it.

When a Blister Beetle is pressed, flicked away, squished, or rubbed against an animal, it releases Cantharidin containing blood, the chemical that causes the nasty looking response.

Not normally arising upon fingers or hands due to the thick skin found there, the blisters that form usually develop upon the neck or arms, which are the more sensitive areas of the body.

  • The beetle and you

As they are attracted to intense brightness at night, it is highly recommended that all lights are switched off when there is a reported swarming of these creatures in your area.

Should you find yourself developing blisters as a result of being in contact with the Blister Beetle, then you should try not to panic too much; normally the irritation will only require some First Aid leveled treatment, but do keep an eye upon it in case you should start to develop a major allergic reaction.

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