What Does A Coyote Look Like?


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A coyote is part of the canine family. To be specific it belongs to the kingdom animalia, phylum chordate, class mammalian, order carnivore, family canidea, and genus canis. Wolves and dogs are also part of these same categories. If you know what a wolf and most dogs look like you will have a good idea of what a coyote’s appearance is. Most coyotes are grey brown to yellow grey with a white or buff belly. Their forelegs, head, muzzle and paws tend to be reddish brown. The back is often tawny in colour as is the under fur. Most tails of coyotes are black tipped though this can vary.

Coyotes are either mountain or desert dwellers giving them a lean frame often mistaken for certain types of dogs. They can also be confused with wolves because of their snouts, ears and body. Coyotes can be just as lean as a wolf. Most coyotes are 76 to 86 centimetres in length. Northern coyotes are larger than those found in southern regions.

A main difference between wolves and coyotes is the tail size. Coyotes tend to have thicker tails, which hang lower to the ground. Coyote legs are also thinner than most wolves. Coyotes, though wild, tend to coexist around humans without too many issues whereas wolves can be more aggressive in harming humans and especially pets.   

Coyotes also tend to have a bark closer to a dog rather than a howl like a wolf. Coyotes are
definitely smaller than wolves, which is another reason some mistake them for certain dog breeds.
Coyotes tend to be alone more often than in a pack when sighted. The ears are pointed, with a medium-sized muzzle with a rounded nose. The body is sleek with long legs, sometimes almost
appearing too thin.

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Coyotes have grey or reddish-grey fur with buff under parts and long rusty or yellowish legs.
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I've seen coyotes for years.  In the west of Canada, they are very much like the one in the picture provided by Annieb, but as they migrated east across Canada, they have bred with both wolves and domestic dogs, making some of them in the range of 60 - 80 lbs.  Big... They can and have killed people.  But, for the most part, they still have that wolflike image to them.

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