How Can You Tell If Your Cat Drank Antifreeze And Is There Anything I Can Do About It?


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Antifreeze, or Ethylene glycol poisoning is quite common in dogs and cats.  The metabolism of Ethylene glycol forms insoluble calcium oxalate crystals in the kidney.  This can lead to kidney damage, kidney failure and death.  Animals that are caught drinking antifreeze or suspected of drinking antifreeze should receive immediate veterinary attention.  The more rapid the treatment, the better the chance of survival.  A cat can consume a fatal dose of antifreeze just by walking through a puddle and licking its paws.  Initial signs of poisoning are lethargy and depression, staggering and seizures.  This is followed by vomiting, excess consumption of water, excess urination.  Death can occur between 3-4 days.  Most antifreeze products contain a special dye which fluoreses under UV light.  Animals which have consumed antifreeze can sometimes be identified by shining a UV light on their muzzle, tail, and paws.
If you suspect your cat has consumed any I would urge you to seek immediate veterinary care.
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There are different things to look for, but if you suspect it, then you need to get the kitty to the vet to prevent any severe damage to the kitty. I hope that you do. Hope this helps, and best of luck to you and the kitty. You should go as soon as possible.

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