How Do I Know If My Dog Has Mastitis?


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Mastitis is serious (in dogs, cats - and humans), but prognosis is good if treated by a doctor as soon as possible (otherwise it can lead to blood poisoning/infection which can kill). Symptoms include red, discolored, painful, firm or lumpy breast (usually one breast is affected). Also high rectal temperature (above 103 F) in dogs and cats, lack of energy, poor appetite, pus or "dirty" looking milk from that breast. And sometimes dying puppies or kittens. Please take it to the Vet.
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Is there a change in the milk? Is it thicker, or smelly, or an off color or anything? How about her mammary glands? Big, red, swollen, seem painful, hot, anything like that? You should probably see your vet as it can be deadly to both mom and pup's. It can be very serious as are many of the other thing's that may first appear like mastitis.
Your vet should examine her and from there will be able to decide whether it is mastitis, treatment and how to proceed from there. Hope everyone is okay.

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