My Dog Had 1 Puppy About 5 Last Night, She Has Not Had Anymore Yet. Is That Normal?


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You have not mentioned breed of your dog. Dogs can have one puppy in the litter and this is normal. When labor starts, dogs start to shake due to pain and strain in order to push the puppy. After delivery of first puppy, dogs can take rest for maximum 2 hours with an average of 30 minutes before giving birth to to second puppy. After resting period, dogs start to shake and strain again for the delivery and this process continues until all litter is born.

If dogs continue to shake and strain without any delivery then it means she is having another puppy and delivery has become difficult. This condition requires vet help immediately. If dogs don't strain even after 2 hours then no puppy is left inside. So, In my opinion, your dog has delivered complete litter that has only one puppy and is normal.
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My dog waited for three and a half hours to give birth to her last puppy without any straining we thought the fourth one was the last
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If this is her 1st litter especially don't worry. Some times young moms have really small litters it is not unheard of. If it was recently watch her closely she may not be done. I worked at a kennel where we had a mom that had 2 pups then 32 hours later had another. It is not common but it can happen. I have seen many animals that have only had 1 in a litter. Just watch the puppy to make sure it is thriving, it is also known that when a small litter is born sometimes it is not enough hormones to trigger the milk for mom you may have to bottle feed if this is the case.

Good Luck and hope all is well
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It had one - it might have more next time.
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Did your prenatal ultrasound or x-rays show more or show that free whelp wasn't going to be likely? If so you should not wait until your 24 hour post whelp exam. If you are not sure you should not wait then either on the off chance there was more than one. Any signs she wasn't done or had difficulty or is exhausted and can't finish? Good Luck.

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