My Dogs Nipples Are Hard And A Purple/blue Color. What Dose That Mean?


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Swelling of breast in adult dogs can be both normal and abnormal depending upon situation. Following are normal conditions when breast swelling is noticed.
  1. During heat cycle
  2. After heat cycle
  3. During pregnancy
  4. Nursing period
Some medical conditions can cause swelling of breast in dogs that are abnormal. These conditions can be
  1. False pregnancy
  2. Benign growth in breast
  3. breast cancer
  4. Mastitis
  5. Mammary gland hyperplasia
Many laboratory tests and diagnostic tests after physical examination are needed to confirm any diagnosis. Treatment can be different for different causes. So, take your dog to vet for this purpose.
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If the dog is milking or has recently had pups it probably has mastitis. It is an infection in the breast. Give you dog a hot bath and make sure to keep milking the nipple. This allows the infection to get out. If the dog has pups that are still nursing let them nurse on the infected nipples. It will not harm the puppies and will get the infection out.

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