Is It Normal For A Cat To Lose Its Claws And Will They Grow Back And Exactly? How Many Should There Be On Each Paw? I See Two Together Frequently.


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Yes cats lose their claws at specific age and naturally grow them back with the passage of time. However, it can be out of scratching as well.

You will notice layers under each claw that mean the claw is being regenerated. So this is a natural phenomenon in animals. The claws also depend on the age of your cat. An adult cat should have 4-5 claws.
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I have a cat that is 8 yrs old and I have recently found about 6 claws on the floor over a two week period. It seems to happen after she has "made bisquits" on the carpet. They are growing back. So, yes, cats lose and grow back claws. Must be a natural happening.

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