My Cat Started Walking With His Back Hunched Up, Within 2 Weeks Had Lost All Feeling In His Tail And Most In Back Legs, Xrays Show No Breaks, Blood Test Show Triple Levels In The Pancreas And In Something To Do With Bone And Muscle Loss. Is It Cancer?


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Hi there!! I am not sure of all of the symptoms your kitty is dealing with, but with the loss of feeling in the tail and back legs, it brings to mind a condition called Saddle Thrombus. This is caused when a blood clot prevents the blood from circulating to the hind quarters. If he has white nails, I suggest you look at the color of them. If they have a bluish color, it may suggest that there is a lack of blood flow. Also, if his back legs and tail are cool to the touch, it suggests a loss of blood flow. Our beloved kitties can recover from Saddle Thrombus by administering anticoagulants and pain relieving medications, and sometimes the clot may need to be surgically removed. The Saddle Thrombus is usually the first clue that kitty has an underlying heart condition and both would need to be treated. One negative is that once kitty has suffered from Saddle Thrombus, they are more likely to suffer from more episodes. I hope that this has given you a place to start and some answers. I read that your Veterinarian did do x-rays, and I am wondering if kitty's heart was enlarged in any way? That can be a sign of the underlying heart condition that may have caused the Saddle Thrombus. Remember, weak or dragging hind legs is a veterinary emergency. This is one of those cases in which avoiding treatment can lead to permanent paralysis. If there is anything else I can help you with, please do not hesitate to contact me by leaving me a comment or a message in my shoutbox. Either way, let me know how your baby is doing!!
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Oh my god! Let's hope that it's NOT cancer. But PLEASE take that poor thing to the vets. They obviously didn't do a thorough exam, so if I were you, I'd take my pet to a different vet because this one doesn't want to complete their job. They should have already found out what was wrong at the time of the visit. That's a NO GOOD VET who only wants the money. Please help that poor animal.   Good-Luck

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