3 Yo Cat With Summer Allergy. Bumps On Ears,nose, Lips, B/t Toes. Swollen Tonsils. Scratches Until Raw Bleeding. Any Suggestions?


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Go to your nearest feed store and get an antifungal shampoo. It is worth a try as I have used this on one of my horses for "summer itch." see of that does not make a huge improvement. Ask them for the antifungal shampoo for horses with summer itch. Not expensive either
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Thanks for this suggestion. Are you certain that horse shampoo is okay for felines? If so, I will definitely give it a try!
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Yes it will be just fine. Do not use much and dilute with a little water. I should have left that info.sorry.
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I know your not supposed to give cats baths but try that!... Both cats and dogs get hot spots and chew till its raw and bleeding I just usually give my dog a bath and it helps out

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